CanCNSM 2008


Toronto, Canada

June 25 - June 29, 2008


3rd Canadian Conference on Nonlinear Solid Mechanics

3ème Congrès canadien sur les aspects non linéaires de la mécanique des solides




Submission of Papers




April 9, 2008: Form-1b

April 18, 2008: Camera-ready originals


The official languages of CanCNSM 2008 are English and French and papers in either language will be considered.


Original papers are invited on all areas of Nonlinear Solid Mechanics and Materials as well as areas of Linear Solid Mechanics that are bridging nonlinear aspects. The submissions will be reviewed and the accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings. Suggested length for papers is 6 - 10 pages typed single space.


The paper must be submitted in camera-ready form and it can be written in LaTeX or Word.


Information on the general guidelines and style files to format the paper are provided for submissions in LaTeX and Word. The instructions are easy to follow.


Word Guidelines


Please use the word document CanCNSM2008-Wsample.doc as a model for formatting your paper. The pdf file CanCNSM2008-Wsample.pdf is for information only.


·         CanCNSM 2008-Wsample.doc

·         CanCNSM 2008-Wsample.pdf


LaTeX Guidelines


The LaTeX document CanCNSM2008-LTsample.tex is a model for formatting your paper and a source file of sample. Use the pdf file CanCNSM2008-LTsample.pdf for information only.


·         CanCNSM2008-LTsample.tex

·         CanCNSM2008-LTsample.pdf


To compile, use:


·         wccm.cls

·         url.sty

·         fancyheadings.sty

·         title.eps

·         secondpage.eps



We look forward to welcoming you to Toronto at CanCNSM 2008!